Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scripps Pier-henge

Twice a year, in May and August, the setting sun lines up directly with Scripps Pier in La Jolla. This biannual event draws a small crowd of photographers who all gather under the pier, carefully lining up their tripod-mounted cameras as close to center as possible, and as close to other photographers' cameras without disturbing them. A small handful of photographers set up hours in advance of the event, while others manage to show up 30 minutes (or less) before the event. Everyone is polite and cordial, and the "first come, first served" rule is respected. New acquaintances and friendships are made, and knowledge is exchanged between new and seasoned photographers. 

In the last few minutes before the event, final adjustments were made on cameras and settings were double- and triple-checked. There was a brief moment of silence as the sun came into view around one of the pylons at the end of the pier. Suddenly, like several machine guns all firing simultaneously, the soft sound of camera shutters clicking filled the air for the next five minutes.

As suddenly as it had started, it was over, and photographers eagerly and excitedly checked their cameras and shared their photographs before dispersing and driving home to post-process their photographs and, hopefully, sell a few copies.

Yes, we will all meet again in nine months :)

Thirty minutes before sunset. More photographers arrived after this shot was made.

While waiting for "The Event". Taken with an iPhone 4.

My Scripps Pier-henge photograph!

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