Friday, June 25, 2010

New Jersey 2010

Oh my goodness! Look how much time has passed since my last posting! I keep meaning to update the blog on a quasi-regular basis, but life keeps getting in the way.

The period of June 16th - 23rd was quite exciting as it was spent in New Jersey with family and to attend my sister Joanna's wedding. It was really nice seeing everyone again and catching up since we last saw each other. We also had the pleasure of meeting my new brother-in-law, Michael Santore, who is a really cool guy. We wish Joanna and Michael many happy years together.

The pictures displayed below are a small collection that best showcase our daily activities while in NJ. You can view the rest of the collection by clicking any of the pictures.

June 16

Anthony looking through airplane window

Dinner with the Runfola Family
L-R: Augie, Me, Gena, Anthony, Gina, Michael, Joanna, Sal

June 17

Breakfast at the Avon Pavillion along the Jersey Shore

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

June 18

Chillaxin' on the deck while waiting for the BBQ'ed Italian Sausages

June 19 - WEDDING DAY!

Anthony and his Grandfather playing with a shortwave radio while the bride and her bridesmaids get beautified

The Bride, Joanna, with her Maiden-of-Honor, our sister, Gina on the dancefloor dancing to the song YMCA

June 21

Bottling a barrel of Sangiovese wine -- we got about 252 bottles from one barrel!

At the shooting range

June 22 - Pennsylvania

Near the spot where George Washington crossed the Delaware River

Getting ready to have lunch in New Hope, Pennsylvania

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