Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homegrown CSI

Okay, so, Gena's favorite TV shows are CSI (all versions), NCIS, Law & Order, etc. (do you see a pattern here?). This weekend, while catching her watching what I call "The CSI Channel", and seeing two of the main characters searching a room with a UV light, I was hit with the realization that, using a UV light source, I could easily find urine stains on the carpet. Having bought a UV flashlight a couple years ago for a camping trip to the desert with hopes of finding scorpions at night (they glow green, y'know), and not having found any, I had put the flashlight away and kind of forgotten about it. Until this evening...

I jumped up off the couch and went into the garage to look for the box with camping gear. It was pretty easy to find because it was rather large-ish and had "Camping Gear" written on the side. Opening the box, I immediately found the 9" long UV flashlight, a
Streamlight TwinTask 3C, sitting on top of the larger items just waiting for its moment to shine (literally and figuratively).

I returned to the kitchen where I donned rubber gloves and then proceeded to turn off all the lights in the apartment (because that was how they did it on CSI). Turning the flashlight on, I immediately saw a couple small urine stains on the livingroom carpet. Scanning the apartment, I found approximately ten small stains throughout glowing bright green-yellow -- these must've been ones that we missed because more recent "accidents" that I've cleaned up were not visible (we've been spraying her "accidents" with
Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover after dabbing the area dry, which does a fantastic job of cleaning up).

Check out one of the pictures I took of the stain:

Looks like we'll be renting a steam cleaner soon...

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