Monday, March 29, 2010


Last Friday we, once again, spent the night at Barona Casino. Gena regularly receives free 1-night stay coupons in the mail which we don't always use and, because it has been a while since we last stayed at Barona, we decided to use the coupon. When we go, we usually stop at one of the many fine restaurants Barona has to offer to grab a bite to eat before Anthony and I head back to the room to play games and download movies from Netflix while Gena tries to strike it rich on the slot machines. This time was different.

Because we now have a puppy, we couldn't leave her home alone for 24 hours, so we took her with us and smuggled her into the hotel in one of Gena's big purses (I call it a duffel bag). Leica kept poking her head out of the purse, so we had to throw a sweater over Gena's shoulder and let it hang down in the front to cover the dog up. It worked!

As soon as we made it safely to our room without the dog being detected, Anthony went back downstairs to play near the fish pond for a short while before it got dark outside. While he was gone, I set the camera and lights up in preparation for taking a picture that I've been intending to do for quite a while. Once everything was set up, I asked Gena to sit on the corner of the bed so I could "test" a feature of the camera. I positioned myself a few feet behind her, then ran and dove onto the bed. The first picture shows her patiently waiting while I "tested" the camera, not expecting me to jump on the bed.

Andrew Dressed as Santa
I then told her that I had to adjust something on the camera and needed to take another picture like the first. This time, knowing what to expect, she prepared herself the moment she heard me running towards the bed, as you can see in the second picture. When I saw her reaction, I knew I had the shot in the bag!

Andrew Dressed as Santa
Five minutes later, Anthony returned and we ordered room service while watching "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" on Netflix.

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Jacque Weir said...

LOL..these two pictures are awesome!