Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainfall Totals for Mira Mesa, California

As promised, the rains have finally hit San Diego. For those of you watching the news, you are aware of some of the devastation caused by the heavy rains, mudslides, winds, and surf, especially those counties north of San Diego. We haven't seen this kind of storm in a loooong time, and my son and I are actually enjoying it! Just this evening as the brunt of the storm was overhead, he asked me if we could go driving in the rain. Naturally, I had to oblige as I love driving in the rain -- what a blast it was (yes, I did drive safely).

We also received a digital rain meter from a friend which we have been diligently monitoring every 12 hours since the storm started, from 6am-6pm-6am. However, I'm only entering rainfall totals over a 24-hour period. Be sure to check back daily as we continue to update it.

Rainfall Totals in Inches for Zip Code 92126

(will be updated daily as long as it rains)


Daily Total

Cum. Total

Jan. 17,20100.020.02
Jan. 18,20100.950.97
Jan. 19,20100.581.55
Jan. 20,20100.812.36
Jan. 21,20101.353.71
Jan. 22,20100.293.99

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