Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween 2002

I was recently discussing with a friend a Halloween costume I had made for my wife back in 2002 for her company Halloween costume contest. At the time, she was working for Qualex, a subsidiary of Kodak, which was mainly responsible for processing film dropped off by customers of larger chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, etc. I used to work for Qualex, too, but left the company in 2000 to enter the world of fiber-optic technology.

Two weeks before Halloween, Gena came home from work and informed me of the upcoming company Halloween party and costume contest, and also of the grand prize: a 4.0MP Kodak Easyshare DX4900 digital camera, which was announced by Kodak February 22, 2002, and retailed for approximately $500. No sooner had she finished telling me all this when I was struck by inspiration and told her I would make a costume guaranteeing that she would win the camera (hint: anything company-themed is a good guarantee of a win).

With only two weeks to plan, design, and build the costume, I had no time to waste and worked on it every day up to one hour before the contest when I pulled up to the side door of the company to drop off the costume. The production manager opened the door for me and was so blown away by the costume that she immediately paged the whole company over the intercom to come to the Film department. Once everybody was gathered around, they all agreed, hands down, that Gena should receive the grand prize -- no voting was needed.

And that was my first foray into the world of digital photography.

Below are some pictures of Gena's costume, as well as the digital camera that we won (all taken with the new camera).

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