Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anthony and Jack Hanna

Going through some old computer files this evening, I came across these pictures from the late morning of April 24, 2004 of Anthony with the celebrity zoologist, Jack Hanna. Jack was on a tour and made a stop at San Diego's University Towne Centre mall to talk about animals and the importance of global awareness. We had no idea he would be there and were pleasantly surpised when we found out -- of course, Anthony was excited about meeting Jack, especially since he and I watched Jack's nature shows on TV together. Jack talked with Anthony for a bit while his assistants were busy setting up the stage, and ended up giving Anthony a little book and binder about animals which he personally signed "To my Pal, Anthony. Jack Hanna".

Me, Anthony, and Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna

Anthony Feeding a Parrot

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Lucy2 said...

THIS is seriously cool.