Saturday, May 16, 2009

Phil's BBQ

After hearing friends and coworkers rave about Phil's BBQ, we finally decided to check it out Friday evening and go there for dinner. OMG! The place is awesome! And the food is super delicious! Apparently, Phil's has been in San Diego for about 10 years now -- how is it that we never heard of it?! Actually, we have heard of it.

Phil's BBQ is located in a strip mall right next to Kobey's Swap Meet on Sports Arena Boulevard. We visit Kobey's Swap Meet a couple times a year and have seen Phil's delivery and catering trucks parked on the opposite side of the fence. Thinking it was just a "regular" BBQ and rib restaurant like any other, we never really gave it a second glance. Y'see, other BBQ restaurants left a bad taste in our mouths -- they're overpriced, their portions are small, and their ribs don't have any meat on 'em. Plus, their side dishes left a lot to be desired.

Now, I'm not getting paid for saying all this, but we were thoroughly impressed with Phil's from the moment we turned into the parking lot -- there was a line of people in front of the restaurant waiting to get in, and at one corner of the building was a sign that read "20 minute wait from this point". Phil's doesn't take reservations -- you walk in, order your food, find a table and, after about 20 minutes, they will buzz you to pick up your food at the counter.

Eating such a meal as in the pictures below can get quite messy, and napkins or paper towels don't always get everything off. With so many customers dining in, the restrooms would quickly fill to capacity with people waiting to wash their hands. Leave it to Phil's to think of the customer: they installed a huge washbasin outside of the restrooms where several customers can wash their hands at once!

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and experience and will definitely be dining their regularly.

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