Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Italy Spaghetteria

If I'm not careful, this just might turn into a restaurant review blog! But I can't help it -- this weekend we visited two restaurants with which we were thoroughly impressed: Phil's BBQ (see prior post), and now the Little Italy Spaghetteria. However, we didn't actually eat at the Spaghetteria, we only went inside to order an antipasta and calamari fritti to go. We heard about the Sicilian Festival that was supposed to take place this weekend, but we got the days mixed up and drove down to Little Italy a day early. So as not to make this a wasted trip, and because Gena had a craving for calamari fritti, we decided to check out the Spaghetteria just because it was right next to wear we parked.
The first thing that catches one's eye is the cute little Ferrari-red Fiat 500 parked in the middle of the dining room floor. Judging from pictures we've seen, the Fiat actually makes its way around the restaurant a couple times per year (not by itself, of course).

Once your eyes have taken in the cute little Fiat, they next start to wander around the restaurant, from the red and white checkered tablecloths to the portraits of Italian celebreties on the walls, then to a giant cupboard laden with dry pasta noodles, cans of tomato paste, garlic, bottles of wine, and other good stuff reminiscent of grandma's kitchen. Oh, did I mention the moped sitting on the wall separating the booths?

Tucked away in the back corner, and a little bit in the dark, is the bar, a neat little place for friends to hang out and throw back a few while watching one of seven shows being displayed on their seven plasma televisions above the bar.

After taking everything in visually, our to-go order finally arrived and I had time to shoot off a couple more pics of Gena and Anthony before heading home to enjoy the food. We decided that we would all have to come here one evening and dine in this remarkable restaurant.

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