Saturday, May 23, 2009

Attack of the dinosaur... skeleton?!

Since its arrival at the San Diego Natural History Museum, Anthony has been begging us to go see Body Worlds, the exhibit that displays human bodies in various forms. The exhibit is really quite amazing and extremely educational, and seeing a real human body sans skin, and all the internal organs, is an experience one must not miss. One of the things that really stood out for me was seeing a smoker's lungs laying beside healthy lungs -- the difference was like black and white... literally. The healthy lungs where a shade of light gray, while the smoker's lungs where a deep dark gray, nearly black. I would've liked to have taken some pictures, but photography was not permitted.

After touring the exhibit, we made our way to the main hall to tour the rest of the museum. As we stepped out into the main hall, we noticed visitors screaming and running for the nearest exits -- it seemed a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton had come alive and was running amuck through the museum!

As we were standing by the doorway dumbfounded, a lady ran by in front of us and yelled, "Run for it!" She didn't need to tell us twice -- I grabbed Gena, and Gena grabbed Anthony, and we hauled ass to the nearest exit. As we were running, I heard heavy footsteps behind us. I looked over my shoulder and noticed the T. Rex skeleton bearing down on us -- I barely had time to aim my camera over my shoulder and capture the image you see below before making it safely out of the building. I guess the events in the movie "A Night at the Museum" really can happen... ;)

The T. Rex Skeleton Chasing Us

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