Thursday, April 9, 2009


And the flowers are in full bloom all over San Diego!

About two weeks ago, a field full of wildflowers was in full bloom in front of an office building about 1/4 mile from where I work. Because it was such a beautiful day, my friend, Bob, and I decided to go and take some pictures of the flowers during our lunch break. Apart from getting "regular" shots of the flowers, we also tried "painting" with our cameras, a technique that requires thinking outside of the box and which many people mistake for Photoshopped.

That same weekend, we traveled to Las Vegas with some friends where Gena and I visited the Arboretum at Bellagio. The third and fourth pictures are of a "crystal" ball in the center with water flowing out of the top and down the sides and is surrounded by tulips.

Below are a couple of my favorites:

Golden Poppies
"Painted" Golden Poppies

Dizzy Daisies
Dizzy Daisies

Spinning Tulips
Spinning Tulips

Warp Drive
Tulips in Warp Drive

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