Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Blog! (Originally posted 2/6/08)

The Runfola's
Chris, Gena and Anthony

Okay, so, here I am creating my first blog and I have absolutely no idea what to say. Let's start with a simple question: why? Why have I decided to create a blog? Well, I was inspired to create this blog after seeing my friend and co-worker Bob's photo blog, as well as his nephew, Blaine's (you've absolutely gotta check his pictures out). I really liked the look of their blogs and the simple fact that I can customize the layout any way I want. Currently, I have several photo sets posted to Flickr, but Flickr doesn't give me this level of control.

Bob and Blaine's blog have also inspired me to go out and take more pictures! Since I purchased my Nikon D80 nearly one year ago, I haven't really taken as many creative photos with it as I had hoped to -- but I have taken nearly 4000 photos in that time!

So, with that out of the way, let me start my photography blog with these two sunrise photos which I took this morning through our slighty fogged up bedroom window (it was too cold to go outside in my jammies -- I know, I know: I've gotta make sacrifices to get those postcard photos).

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