Thursday, October 2, 2008

Color-to-B&W Conversion Study (Originally posted 3/07/8)

I was discussing photography with a friend from work; he enrolled in a photography class and has learned quite a bit and is taking some really great pictures (check out "Bob Cacho's Photo Blog", or click on the link to the right). One of his more recent assignments was to photograph in black and white using different filters and noting their effects. I mentioned to him that I converted a color picture of a cactus into B&W for a friend some time ago, and that I would post it here for him to see. So, Bob, here is the original color picture I was telling you about (scroll down for the B&W's):

This second picture is a basic, run-of-the-mill B&W conversion (notice how "blah" everything looks).

Finally, here is the final product. Unlike the previous picture which had simply been converted to grayscale, the image below is still an RGB file with a layer mask applied in Photoshop. I then adjusted the red, green, and blue channels in the Channel Mixer to get the results you see below.

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